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Commercial Aviation

  • Ravn set to buy 50 electric planes when available – AlaskaNewsSource
  • Czech sues Boeing over losses related to 737 MAX – KOMO
  • Forget flying commutes — these aviation startups are taking off by moving cargo by air BusinessInsider
  • GE Aviation CEO Talks Importance of SAF in Future of Aviation – AviationToday

Business Aviation

  • Bombardier Challenger 350: Bombardier’s Best Challenger Yet? – IntlAviationhq


  • Flight Attendant Union Sues United Airlines for “Unlawfully Interrogating” Crewmembers – PYQK
  • Airlines eliminates ‘Covid fee’ it has been charging since May after backlash – BusinessInsider
  • Airlines And TSA Agents Grapple With Rise In Unruly Passengers – Forbes
  • FAA group urges move to gender-neutral terms, no more ‘airman’ or ‘cockpit’ – NYP

Urban Air Mobility

  • Blade, Eve U.S. Urban Air Mobility Service Deal – AIN

Social Media

  • Pilot Shows Off Server Room That Exists In Passenger Aircraft Right Below Our Feet – IFLscience

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