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February 24, 2024
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2016 is the best year the CSeries has had.  Besides the spate of orders, yesterday Bombardier won certification from EASA and the FAA for the CS100.

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“Bombardier Commercial Aircraft announced today that its CS100 aircraft has been awarded Type Validation by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) following a comprehensive testing program. The EASA and FAA validations follow the CS100 aircraft Type Certification awarded by Transport Canada in December 2015.”

With the EASA certification, Swiss will get its delivery in June with EIS set for July.  The certification milestone sends signals to potential customers.  The timing couldn’t be better (delays excepted).  We are eight weeks away from the biggest aviation event of the year.  Bombardier can be expected to splash a lot more at Farnborough than it could in Paris last year.

For the Paris show, Bombardier was under strict instructions about what it could do with the aircraft.  Now it is certified, the company can show off the performance.  We don’t know if Bombardier can do the same kind of near vertical takeoff the 787 did in Paris (that was amazing).   We understand those who were on the recent first passenger flight were treated to a “special” takeoff.  So we look forward to Farnborough.

We understand Bombardier may have some more good customer news at the show.

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3 thoughts on “More good news for CSeries

  1. A lot of good things have happened to the C Series since the last Paris Air Show. By the time we get to Farnborough the aircraft will have been fully certified and delivered to its first operator. And in the middle of the show it will start carrying its first paying passengers. We can also expect Air Canada to confirm its C Series order during the show. Perhaps the governments of Canada and Québec will make a co-announcement as well. All this will occur around the time the CS300 will receive its Canadian certification, shortly followed by its American and European certifications. But I don’t expect any new major orders before the end of the year though. For the CS300 is not scheduled to enter service before October of this year and potential buyers will be waiting to see how the CS100 and CS300 will do in actual service, carrying passengers on various routes and on a daily basis, with Swiss and airBaltic. So far the C Series has acquired a great technical reputation, but that is not enough. It now has to prove itself in service with different operators. What’s interesting here is that Swiss and airBaltic are two very different airlines and many observers want to know how the aircraft will perform with each one in the coming months. This will bring the aircraft through the harsh Winter season, in a very dense and demanding network. The CS100 will also have started operations out of LCY and this is a critical milestone for the smaller variant. If everything goes well we may start to see a string of new orders coming in next year. British Airways in Europe and Jet Blue in the US are good candidates. Perhaps some less well known operators from the Middle East and China as well. But the most hurried customers will have to make up their mind soon because we are at the beginning of the programme and the aircraft is still produced in relatively small quantities. Luckily though for its customers Bombardier is already ahead of the learning curve at the moment. They are also ahead of everyone else I might add.

  2. You are right in all aspects. We are talking about only the CS100 and 300, which are successful. Don’t forget the extended
    models of the CS 500, 700, and the 900. In my opinion they are the potential money makers in the future. To deveope those
    models, cost would be much lower. It is because the test of all base components are done and proved successful. The only element left is the frame structure of the aircraft and the additional thrust engines required to lift the aircrafter.Aircraf of that size required 4 bigger engines. All other systems, such as the navigation, computer. cockpit cabinets are similar to the CS 300. If , for whatever reason, Bombardier does not want to develope those bigger models. They could be sold to the highest bidder, to Airbus, Boeing, or the Chinese Government. In my opinion those models should worth more than 2 billion $. Other division , such as the bussiness aircrafters, the transport , the maintenance services are doing fine. It is a company with future visions and promises. Why the stock prices are not in line with what its true value is beyond my understanding.

  3. With both provincial and federal government kicking in money Bombardier will never be sold to Airbus, Boeing or China! You are not being realistic here!

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