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February 24, 2024
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Gulfstream announced that the Gulfstream G650 is now FAA certified for Steep Approach, enabling the ultra-long-range aircraft access to more airports.  Mark Burns, Gulfstream’s President stated “with the G650ER’s proven performance, our customers consistently arrive first to their destinations and now have even more flexibility.  We are committed to providing options for traveling, unhindered, to the most remote destinations.  Speed and range combined with steep-approach certification ensures customers save countless hours per year.”


The G650 can now operate at some of the world’s most challenging airports, including London City and Lugano, in Switzerland.

The Gulfstream G600 is nearing the end of its function and reliability (F&R) testing, the final stage of flying required for type certification by the FAA.  “Once we finish F&R testing, the only thing left is the FAA’s final paperwork review.  Both certification and entry into service are just around the corner, so we’re excited to be close to delivering this high-performing, technologically advanced aircraft to customers,” said Burns.  To date, the five G600 aircraft in the flight-test program have completed more than 845 flights.


“The rigor and discipline of our new G600 development program is unmatched. Our unique program includes nearly 100,000 hours of flying in our research and development labs environment and more than 3,170 hours of flying in the air, producing reliable aircraft with an exceptional degree of maturity. That was our unique formula for success with the G500 and is for the G600 as well,” said Burns.

Gulfstream has also extended its EFVS or Enhanced Flight Vision System that allows use of the enhanced vision instead of natural vision for landing and rollout.  The FAA has now added the G280 to the G500 as the only aircraft capable of landing without natural vision, with special training required for pilots and a letter of authorization from the FAA.  These capabilities will soon be extended to the G600, G650, G550 and G450 later this year.


“This approval enables our G280 operators to land in more weather conditions, limiting delays or rerouting,” said Colin Miller, senior vice president, Innovation, Engineering and Flight, Gulfstream. “The Gulfstream EFVS significantly improves safety by increasing a pilot’s situational awareness at night and during low-visibility conditions.

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