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May 21, 2024
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The FAA presented Honda with type certification for its HondaJet this Tuesday. The company has 25 planes in final assembly in North Carolina and is preparing for deliveries and pilot training.

HondaJet says it has the fastest, quietest and most fuel-efficient jet in its class. With engines on top of the wings, the layout Honda claims increases fuel efficiency by 15% and gives about 20% more cabin space than in comparable aircraft.  The aircraft retails at $4.5m.

1 thought on “HondaJet certified

  1. Nice! I hope Honda creates change in the airplane business like it (and Toyota) did for the car business. We’re overdue for a shakeup in this highly subsidized and anti-competitive business… Hmm, but now I wonder how much they are subsidized. Hopefully not too many japanese taxpayers are footing that bill. Taxpayers of the world unite! 🙂

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