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February 27, 2024
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IATA won’t hesitate to take legal action against airports if that is necessary to prevent them from drastically increasing charges from 2022 through the coming years. Despite some reduction of the initially announced higher charges, the airline association says now is not the time to pass on the airport’s losses to airlines that are trying to recover from the Covid-crisis, Director-General Willie Walsh said on November 3 in a media briefing. IATA not ruling out legal action against airport charges.

Last month during IATA’s Annual General Meeting in Boston, Walsh already was most vocal about the proposed extra charges from airports and air navigation service providers. He was especially critical of the proposal of London Heathrow to increase charges by ninety percent to recoup losses incurred during the past eighteen months. “This goes off the chart. (…) Do they honestly expect us to believe that a 90 percent increase in charges is going to help the airline industry?” Walsh said.


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