Bill Gates was in the news last week, promoting the development of a Covid-19 vaccine and, of course, having governments worldwide mandate a program of vaccinations. Under his proposal, everyone would have an identification card to prove their medical records before being allowed to fly. Who would the likely enforcers of this policy be? Logically, this would fall to the security checkers at the TSA, would easily add another step to their processes and unquestioned authority at airports. Imagine having to carry another card with you to show in addition to your “real ID” or passport at the security checkpoint to verify that you have had a vaccination. What happens if you go to the airport without your vaccination card? Would you be denied a flight, or will there be a national database of approved travelers, like TSA precheck? Would the TSA agent be ready with a needle? Perish that thought. Or perhaps a microchip could be implanted with the vaccine to be read with a scanner at the checkpoint. Technology offers us options today that George Orwell warned us about.

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