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June 16, 2024

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Nothing feels as good as having your own space and that’s exactly what you get with Economy Max that one of Africa’s leading national carriers, Kenya Airways has unveiled. Economy Max helps to address in-flight additional personal space. It is a product that allows customers to create additional personal space by booking a seat or a row next to them.

Economy Max, a first of its kind for an African carrier, would be available for purchase between 48 to 3 hours before departure to all KQ customers purchasing Economy Class tickets globally according to the airline, in a statement made available to AirInsight.

According to a July 2020 IATA study, travelers are seeking ways to feel more comfortable about flying again. This has led to increased accountability for airlines to ensure passenger confidence.  Chief Commercial and Customer Officer at Kenya Airways, Julius Thairu, said that Economy Max will meet the evolving needs of travelers during the pandemic by offering the ability to purchase an empty seat or row next to them.

The world we live in has changed. As an airline, we continue to adapt to the evolving needs of our customers as we recover from the effects of the pandemic. Economy Max puts passengers in control of their experience and ensures that our customers have a choice as they enjoy their privacy with additional space to themselves.  Economy Max is a continuation of KQ’S diversification and innovation to provide relevant products and services to our customers to improve the overall experience of their travels with us.” said Thairu. Passengers can purchase Economy Max seats online and pay via credit card. Once purchased, a confirmation email will be sent to them with information about their flight and seat allocation”.

The East African-based airline had been in the eyes of the storm lately as it plans to rebound following many years of losses. Kenya Airways will end its strategic partnership with Air France-KLM in September this year. The airlines had already suspended their alliance for 2020 following the closure of flights and ongoing crisis.
The end of the partnership comes as Kenya Airways is in talks of potential nationalization.

In recent weeks, the direction at Kenya Airways has altered again. This brought to the fore at-risk African national airlines whose fortune has been seriously hit by COVID-19, with many of them like South Africa Airways, at the brink of collapse.  Many of these national carriers have rich histories, but without major restructuring, all continue to suffer. If they want to keep flying many will require taxpayers’ largesse.

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