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May 28, 2024
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Last week we saw the truly masterful flying by the LOT 767 crew when the gear did not deploy. Along with everyone else, we applaud the skills of the crew.  But let’s also hear it for the people at Boeing that built the remarkable 767.  Take a look at what the plane looks like now – perhaps you too will be amazed at how little damage was done and how good the plane looks before it’s fixed.

4 thoughts on “LOT’s 767 after the amazing gear up landing

  1. It looks like it was a perfect landing. There could not possibly be less damage than that! It shouldn’t take long before the aircraft is returned to service after expensive, if not extensive, repairs. I have in mind the thrust reversers and nose cowls in particular.

    I guess the airplane must have been light at the time of landing, with possibly excellent weather and calm air. But whatever the conditions were, the pilot obviously did a superb job!

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