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July 23, 2024
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Bloomberg has this interesting story on Delta and its MD-88 fleet.  Plans are to keep these aircraft flying for another three years.  American has been retiring its MD-80s as quickly as Boeing delivers its new 737-800s.

Well it is interesting to see what is happening to those American aircraft. This is what happened to American’s MD-82 fleet from January to July. Several have been transferred to a company called Delta Material Services.

Who is Delta Material Services?  Look here – the site’s colors are a clue.   Obviously having a lot of parts for an aircraft no longer in production is very useful. Especially when those parts come from a fleet that was very well maintained.

Delta is building up a handy parts supply.  It will be able to keep its Mad Dogs running safely for years. But if the fuel price spikes, watch out.  Mad Dogs guzzle gas compared to the state of art.

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