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June 25, 2024
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[UPDATED chart]

Last week we heard that the MAX was the fastest selling Boeing, ever.  Looking at the data, that’s true as the chart shows.


The MAX is selling much faster than the 787 did, and that was a fast seller.  The MAX is also outselling the 737NG which should be a better yardstick.

But then there is the other yardstick.  The Airbus A320neo family is outselling the MAX by some considerable margin.  The curve shows Airbus neo orders through November, the year end numbers will be announced later in the week. The neo went on sale earlier and it has a better sales mix (essentially the A321 outsells the MAX9).   Even as MAX orders track neo through year four of their campaigns, the head start Airbus has is telling.

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Addison Schonland
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2 thoughts on “MAX orders

  1. Because the narrowbody market is essentially flat right now, and might remain in an anemic state for an extended period of time, it could mean in the future that Airbus will have benefited longer than Boeing from the recent market exuberance.

  2. Normand: Yes but only if oil prices remain (or more important are predicted to remain) in the $55-65 range. Much higher and I suspect that the orders will go to which of the various producers have available slots.

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