Take a look here. Interjet was the first western airline to deploy the SuperJet, and by all reports, is very pleased with its decision.  It is, therefore, no surprise that UAC and Interjet have been talking.  Interjet is the most obvious western airline for UAC to speak with first.

Currently, the airline has 73 aircraft, 22 SSJs, 45 A320s, three A320NEOs and three A321s.  Given the A321 in service, the MC-21 is not an over-ambitious item to consider.  Indeed, the payload range of the MC-21 could open new across the Americas.  We would not be at all surprised if Interjet did indeed become the first western airline to deploy the MC-21.

As we have seen Interjet’s SSJ experience opened doors to other in the EU.  Interjet would (again) get favorable pricing that will enable aggressive route development.  Note the airline’s A320NEOs are LEAP powered, which is, perhaps, why there is the statement about alternative engines to the GTF.

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