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December 1, 2023
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Welcome to Morning Call for October 3, 2021, and the Top Aviation News Stories for today.  You can also search our Archives for older news stories by date.  

AirInsight US Airline Index

Average daily traffic in September dropped from August levels, the first drop in traffic during the pandemic recovery.  This follows the same seasonal pattern as seen in 2019, when September traffic was also lower than August.  Does this mean that the recovery has slowed?  The answer is yes, but not completely.  We will find out if October has an uptick in demand consistent with past history.

As shown in the chart below, the gap in daily traffic levels from 2019 to 2021 continues to shrink, with high points from 2021 exceeding low points from 2019 in September.  The white space between the two lines has tended to disappear as traffic slowly continues its recovery, still waiting for a return of international and business traffic.

Commercial Aviation

  • IATA chief Walsh on 2022 recovery, ‘rogue’ suppliers and sharing the pain on sustainability – FlightGlobal
  • Why the KC-46 is the better plane for taxpayers and troops – LV Sun
  • Italy’s Leonardo expects FAA certification of AW609 tilt-rotor next year – Reuters
  • Embraer doubles agriculture aircraft sales – Asian Aviation
  • Italy’s Leonardo says Boeing to update 787 production plan this month – Yahoo

Business Aviation

  • Comac unveils business jet version of ARJ21 – FlightGlobal
  • Report: Gulfstream to launch two new business jets, opportunities abound – Flight Global
  • The Celera 500L just may revolutionize business aviation – Air and Space
  • Private jet market grapples with surge in get-me-away demand – Seattle Times


  • Qatar A350-1000 crew received speed alert after conflict with level-bust MD083 – Flight Global
  • Aeromexico adds six Boeing jets – Airways
  • Air New Zealand allows only fully vaccinated passengers – AirInsight
  • Will Israeli airline EL Al receive the carrot or the stick? – JPost

 Urban Air Mobility

  • Airbus explains design philosophy behind its CityAirbus NextGen  – evtol.com

 Social Media

  • In the 90s, Chinese airlines bought Boeing because they thought Airbus sold buses – VFTW

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