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July 20, 2024
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Top Aviation News Stories – Archives

AirInsight US Airline Index

US traffic, as shown in the graph below, has taken an upturn during the last week.  The upward trend in traffic, by about 100,000 passengers per day over the prior week, is a sign that the domestic market is recovering.  We expect domestic traffic to regain 2019 levels during the third quarter, while international traffic will remain depressed until additional borders open.

The following table illustrates the week over week gains in our performance index, with the index in the green, consistently over the last two weeks.

Commercial Aviation

  • I’m skeptical of Boeing’s new jet plan.  Here’s why – Motley Fool
  • Gulf Air delays jet deliveries in difficult market- Reuters
  • Airbus, Boeing intent to return to Iran deals – FNA
  • Boeing not the solution to tame East Asia’s soaring surpluses – Forbes
  • New problem for Boeing as FAA orders 737 Classic inspections – Fox

Business Aviation

  • Clay Lacy grows Florida fleet with Challengers and Global – Business Air News
  • Here’s what it’s like flying in a plane with no pilot – CNBC
  • Argus reports dramatic rebound in US, Europe bizav flights – AIN


  • British Airways cabin crew ‘not turning up for lights to India’ amid record-breaking coronavirus spike – Independent
  • Go Airlines might face turbulence from possible floating-rate plane leases – Economic Times
  • Delta Air Lines just made a bold new decision.  Here’s why it’s so controversial – Inc.
  • US FAA approves Breeze Airways to launch operations – Airways

Urban Air Mobility

  • CAE to accelerate design and development of Jaunt eVTOL aircraft “by employing simulation technologies.” – UAM News

Social Media

  • Eleven charged after fight breaks out at Luton Airport – BBC
  • Chinese Zhurong Mars Rover – Twitter


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