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December 11, 2023
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Commercial Aviation

  • Airbus and Safran agree to ramp A320 production from 63 to 65 planes per month in 2022/ 2023 – Source: LaTribune

  • IATA on electric aircraft – Source: IATA

  • Boeing Rolls Out 777 ecoDemonstrator Testbed – Source: Airways

  • EU Commission signs landmark aviation agreements with China? – Source: EU

Business Aviation

  • Hedge Funds Are Tracking Private Jets to Find the Next Megadeal – Source: Bloomberg


  • SpiceJet to lease more Boeing 737 NG – Source: liveMint

  • Citilink to start long-haul flights with A330neos – Source: FlightGlobal

  • Turkish Airlines Boeing 787-9 melted during photo shoot- Source: AirLive

  • Southwest expects Boeing 737 MAX cancellations beyond Oct. 1 – Source: Reuters


  • Hong Kong’s old airport turns to luxury condos – Source: Bloomberg


  • AIM-260 missiles are so secretive they will require a custom storage bunker – Source: theDrive

Social Media of the Day

  • Waterbombers up close – Source: Twitter

  • DH-3 Beaver rush hour – Source: Twitter
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