Commercial Aviation

Business Aviation

  • Rolls-Royce delivering Pearl 15s for Bombardier’s new Globals – Source: AIN
  • EBACE19: Bombardier unveils Nuage chaise prototype – Source: HMG Aerospace


  • CEO Doug Parker is cautiously optimistic about the Boeing MAX – Source: Skift
  • Lufthansa unveils new Italian-made A320 family seats – Source: Airways
  • United CEO promises to rebook passengers concerned about 737 MAX – Source: Reuters
  • Ryanair passenger rails against cabin crew after landing in wrong Italian city – Source: CNN


  • Why you should never use phone charging stations at airports – Source: NY Post
  • TWA Hotel doesn’t need city’s power grid.  It has its own. – Source: Wall St. Journal


Social Media of the Day

A lawsuit filed by the former inspector general of the Department of Transportation accuses Boeing of repeatedly concealing design flaws in its aircraft and blaming pilots in the aftermath of crashes – Source: CNN

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