Commercial Aviation

  • Bombardier and Mitsubishi could ink deal this week – Source: Wings over Quebec

  • The inside story of Boeing’s 737 MAX and MCAS – Source: Seattle Times

  • Why the age of electric flight is finally upon us – Source: BBC

  • Amazon gets U.S. patent to use delivery drones for surveillance service – Source: Reuters

Business Aviation

  • Know The Facts About Private Jets Before You Bash Them – Source: Forbes


  • PAL internal shake up under new CEO – Source: Business Mirror

  • Woman wakes up alone on dark, parked plane – Source: BBC

  • Monty Python and the Unholy Fail of Jet Airways – Source: Bloomberg

  • How to tell if you’re getting a blood clot while flying – Source: PointsGuy


  • JFK airport supervisor admits taking bribes, exchanged plane parking spots for limo rides and gifts – Source: TIME


  • Berlin obtains modified A319 for arms control monitoring flights – Source: FlightGlobal

Social Media of the Day

  • “Mayday” call on behalf of AF681’s crew – Source: Twitter

  • Nothing to see here – Source: Twitter

  • A reminder why wingtips are not a great location for fuel tanks or engines  – Source: Twitter
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