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April 13, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • Green Party Candidate in Canada Launches Boycott Boeing Campaign – SourceCorpCrimeReporter

  • Flying Has Become More Dangerous. Don’t Just Blame Boeing – Source: Bloomberg

  • Airbus moves staff to help secure Hamburg jet output – Source: Reuters

  • To win at Air New Zealand, Boeing promised the airline a big boost in 787 performance – Source: Air Current
  • Aeroflot blasts governor over Superjet accident claims – Source: LARA

Business Aviation

  • Embraer outlines air traffic control infrastructure vision for urban air mobility – Source: FINN


  • United CEO says he’s not sure travelers will want to fly a Boeing 737 Max — even after a fix – Source: CNBC

  • Venezuela’s Conviasa, Iran’s Mahan Air eye partnership – Source: ch-Aviation

  • American Airlines Mechanics Are Threatening the “Bloodiest, Ugliest Battle” in Labor History – Source: InTheseTimes

  • Emirates launches shortest A380 flight – Source: AirlineRatings
  • Air Canada’s purchase of Transat: Letko Brosseau is trying to get more – Source: WingsOverQuebec


  • Passengers Left Nearly $1 Million at Airport Security Last Year – Source: Radio


  • European defense industry could come to regret new US weapons fund – Source: DefenseNews

  • Putin rejected Iran’s request to buy S-400 – Source: Alert5

Social Media of the Day

  • The amazing Sukhoi SU-30 – Source: Twitter
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