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November 29, 2023
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Commercial Aviation

  • This revolutionary fabric could make flying economy less terrible – Source: Fast Company
  • Boeing’s new 777X a ‘viable alternative’ to failed Airbus A380 – Source: NewDaily
  • Airbus CEO still optimistic a solution will be found to avoid a “No Deal” Brexit – Source: BlueSwan
  • How the NMA might prepare Boeing for a 737 replacement – Source: FlightGlobal

Business Aviation

  • Swiss Government Receives Pilatus PC-24 – Source: Pilatus
  • EU, UK issue more no-deal Brexit guidance for air transport – Source: ATW


  • Southwest Airlines under FAA investigation for aircraft weight, balance calculations – Source: USAToday
  • Retro BOAC 747 Scheme for ‘BA 100’ Celebration – Source: AirportsInt’l
  • Who will buy Thomas Cook’s Airlines? – Source:  Air101
  • South African Airways to be Reorganized into Three Business Units – Source: OneMile


  • Macquarie prepares sale of Hobart Airport stake – Source: IJglobal


  • DoD to begin negotiations to buy 485 Lockheed Martin F35s – Source: FlightGlobal
  • U.S. Government Approves Release of Boeing EA-18G Growler to Finland – Source: Boeing

Social Media Post of the Day

  • Watch the Beluga XL take off from Broughton in high quality video – Source: CheshireLive
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