AirInsight US Airline Index

Commercial Aviation

  • ‘New Concorde’ Supersonic Jet Could Fly London to New York in 3 Hours – ManyofMany
  • Prototype air-cooled fuel cell for aircraft passes key validation tests – AerospaceTesting
  • Rolls-Royce all-electric airplane is ready for its spring take-off – Designboom
  • Boeing Raises Airbus A321XLR Safety Concerns – OMAT

Business Aviation

  • Aerion says NetJets takes purchase rights for 20 supersonic jets – Reuters


  • Etihad Airways accelerates transformation plan – Aviator
  • Lufthansa is weighing faster plane retirements – Reuters
  • Man Accused of Living in O’Hare Airport for 3 Months Accused of Violating Terms – NBC

Urban Air Mobility

Social Media 

  • UPS A300-600F giving a tutorial on how to use 3000 ft of runway space Twitter
  • The Pan Am flight attendant and the CIA man who fell in love on an airplane – CNN

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