Commercial Aviation

  •  Boeing’s Decision of the Decade: Does It Build the 797? Source: Bloomberg
  •  Kremlin Boosts Funding for MC-21 Source: AIN

Business Aviation

  • Learjet Fleet Tops 25 Million Hours with New Intervals   – Source: AIN


  • Southwest Agreed to Pay FAA for Inspector’s Time During Government Shutdown Source: WSJ
  • Air France is going to drop its regional brand Hop! – Source: LaTribune
  • Signs of market slowdown with 27 airlines ceasing operations in 2018, up from 15 in 2017 – Source: IBA
  • Lufthansa bids for Alitalia, Norwegian and Wizz would make sense – Source: Handelsblatt
  • United ejects fat shaming passenger Source: Huffpost


  •  Chandigarh airport functional 24×7 by March 31 – Source: TOI


  • USAF Chief Just Said Next Air Refueling Tanker May Fly In Space  – Source: The Drive
  • Pentagon will not cut F-35 orders for Boeing F-15 – Source: FlightGlobal

Social Media Post of the Day

  •  Boom tests alternative fuels – Source: Twitter
  •  Behold The First P-82 Twin Mustang To Take To The Skies In Over Three Decades- Source: The Drive
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