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February 22, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • Boeing Pledges ‘Transparency’ to 737 Max Buyers in New Outreach –  Source: Bloomberg
  • Newly surfaced recording details how pilots pressed Boeing after Lion Air crash, requested FAA records – Source: DallasNews
  • Ethiopian MAX Crash Simulator Scenario Stuns Pilots – Source: AvWeek

Business Aviation

  • Vietnam launches tourism flights with Bell 505 Jet Ranger X – Source: Vertical


  • Etihad Airways cannot be sole investor in Jet – Source: MoneyControl

  • CemAir grounding overturned; must pass AOC audit – Source: ATW

  • WestJet sold – Source: WestJet


  • Liverpool Council selling half its shares in John Lennon Airport – Source: Echo


  • DARPA to launch competition for AI-powered aircraft dog fighting – Source: FlightGlobal
  • Autonomous, Air-dropped Vehicles Eyed For Rescue – Source: AvWeek
  • Decommissioned B-52 to return from ‘boneyard’ – Source: KSLA

Social Media of the Day

  • Ryanair passenger detained after he tried to open a plane door midflight and threatened to “kill every one of you”  – Source: Twitter
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