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June 25, 2024
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Commercial Aviation

  • Boeing and the Importance of Encouraging Employees to Speak Up –  Source: HBR
  • As the 737 MAX crisis drags on, Boeing’s CEO faces questions about his own future – Source: Seattle Times
  • Who will be the most impacted by a delayed entry into service of the Boeing NMA? – Source: EpsilonAviation
  • IndiGo Budget Airline Prepares for Another ‘Large’ Airbus Order – Source: Bloomberg
  • Boeing SC lets mechanics inspect their own work, leading to repeated mistakes – Source:
  • The White Wash Continues – Source: Market-Ticker

Business Aviation

  • Embraer Bizjet Deliveries Hold Steady in Q1 – Source: AIN


  • Streaming IFE: Air India tender seeking a provider – Source: FlightGlobal

  • Italy pushes Alitalia privatisation deadline back to mid-June – Source: FlightGlobal

  • Lufthansa bids for Thomas Cook’s Condor – Source: FlightGlobal

  • Meet Japan’s first female airline captain – Source: CNN


  • One thing every great airport needs – Source: CNet


  • House, Senate to consider measure stopping F-35 sale to Turkey – Source: Smartbrief
  • Pieces of lost Japanese stealth fighter found –  Source: CNN
  • Russia develops new systems for landing drones on ship decks – Source: AirRecognition

Social Media of the Day

  • Beautiful allied fighters in the skies again – Source: Twitter

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