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April 19, 2024
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  • Going green means going hybrid – FlightGlobal
  • Airbus UK reveals future green airliner vision – AeroSociety
  • Embraer negotiating $600 million bank financing for exports – Reuters
  • One of the hottest ETFs right now is a bet on airlines  – WSJ


  • Global Bizav Activity Continues Comeback, Says WingX – AIN


  • The investigation into Qantas’s stake in Alliance Airlines continues – ACCC
  • Emirates will start returning to economic normality by the middle of next year – ArabianBusiness
  • South Africa Agrees to $1.2 Billion Bailout of National Airline – Bloomberg
  • Emirates airline lays off trainee pilots, cabin crew – Reuters
  • People wondered why airline workers would give up paychecks and take a buyout with travel perks, especially as the recession deepens – BusinessInsider
  • Lufthansa Nearly Walks Away From Bailout To Save Slot Holding – Forbes


  • Seahawk  refueling in flight – Twitter
  • Doug Parker Flies Southwest Airlines And Gets Into A Conversation About Race – VFTW


  • How Close Is Urban Air Mobility To Becoming A Reality? – AvWeek
  •  A Drone Delivery Company Won Germany’s $26 million coronavirus hackathon – DroneGirl
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