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There has been a sharp upturn in traffic in the last week, with the first three consecutive days with more than 1 millions passengers since a year ago and the highest traffic since the beginning of the pandemic with 1.3 million passengers on Friday.  This week should be able to confirm whether the upward trend can be sustained – but initial signs are positive.  

Commercial Aviation

  • New Aerodynamic Rotor Head Makes Helicopters Fly at 248 Mph – Interestingengineering
  • Boeing names new head of crucial 737 MAX program – Reuters
  • NASA’s First All-Electric Airplane Is (Almost) Ready for Liftoff – RobbReport
  • AG600 amphibious aircraft begins firefighting capacity testing – Aerialfiremag

Business Aviation

  • Goodbye to the original celebrity private jet – Yahoo


  • Pilot Describes Conditions in Hong Kong Quarantine Camp – Paddleyourownkanoo
  • Spring break surge: TSA reports its busiest day since March 2020 – TPG
  • Mystery: American Airlines Flying 787 To Cuba – OMAT
  • mulls in-house flights to Israel – ch-Aviation

Urban Air Mobility

  • Flying Cars Could Have a Future in New Hampshire With Jetsons Bill – Bloomberg
  • FAA’s final drone rules start taking effect April 21st – Engadget

Social Media   

  • Final Airbus A380 conducts engine run and taxi tests Twitter

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