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Commercial Aviation

  • Emirates is bringing the Airbus A380 back to the in June – TPG
  • COMAC completes production, test flight center – GlobalTimes
  • Ignition risk spurs order to replace older A320s fuel pumps – FlightGlobal
  • Canada proposes C$2 billion in aerospace aid – FlightGlobal
  • Qatar boss pours cold water on hopes for rapid aviation recovery –  FT

Business Aviation

  • It Took Less Than a Week for the Australia/New Zealand Quarantine-Free Travel Bubble to Burst – Paddleyourownkanoo
  • American Is A Marketing Company That Flies Planes, What Should Change From That Insight? – VFTW
  • Delta’s New York-JFK expansion just got significantly scaled back – TPG
  • Air Nostrum seeks €103mn state aid – ch-Aviation

Urban Air Mobility

  • Stamping Out Air Taxis – eVTOL

Social Media

  • Asia has a problem with air pollution Nikkei

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