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Commercial Aviation

  • U.S. lawmakers fault FAA, Boeing for deadly crashes:  Reuters
  • Poised to Require Electrical Wiring Fixes Before Boeing Jets Can Fly Again: WSJ
  • P&W announces a first for 3-D printing in MRO: MachineryMarket
  • Boeing Set to Get Blame in Ethiopian Report on of 737 Max: Bloomberg
  • Boeing Faces $20 Million Fine by F.A.A.: NYT

Business Aviation

  • Business Aviation Has a Caregiving Problem: AIN
  • Telling the truth about business aviation: BJT


  • Near the end of the road for Jet Airways, says Grant Thornton: Hindu
  • IranAir stops all flights to Europe: Reuters
  • Saudis start oil price war: Bloomberg
  • Ethiopian Airways flight came within 570 metres of Hong Kong hill authorities reveal, and say they are investigating four serious ‘loss of control’ incidents in city’s skies: SCMP


  • Close-ups of the new 737 MAX10 Main Gear: Twitter

Urban Air Mobility

  • Top 10 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Market Players Size, Share & Forecast 2026: MenAFN
  • QuadSAT To Introduce Its UAV Antenna Testing Technology At SATELLITE 2020 Startup Pavilion: Spacewatch

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