AirInsight US Airline Index


Commercial Aviation

  • Boeing shareholders will weigh need for more changes to Board – WSJ
  • New electrical flaw grounds more than 60 737 MAXs, adding to Boeing’s woes – Seattle Times
  • Airbus’ test program signals the next step in laser satellite communications for aircraft – ATI
  • Airbus deliveries surge in March due to rebound in air in US and China – National

Business Aviation

  • EBAA Ambassador Program to elevate Bizav – AIN
  • Bombardier celebrates completion of 100th business jet wing manufactured in Texas – Financial Post
  • HondaJet prototype debuts in Aviation Museum- AIN


  • French domestic flights under 2:30 hours could be eliminated – World Airline News
  • LATAM to replace Airbus A350 fleet with Chilean Boeing 787 – Aerotime
  • Airlines pushes back target date for resuming flights to June 21- BNN
  • How American Airlines takes planes out of storage – CNN

Urban Air Mobility

  • UPS places order for Beta Technologies eVTOL, EIS in 2014 –Transport Up
  • Saudi Arabia’s FII-I invests in Lilium, leader in electric VTOL aircraft – AlArabiya

Social Media

  • How Russia’s Yuri Gagarin became first man in space thanks to ‘steampunk’ contraption – Newsweek

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