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Commercial Aviation

  • Boeing’s contribution of stock instead of cash puts it in rare air- PiOnline
  • Boeing Company – Consensus Indicates Potential -3.9% Downside – Directorstalkinterviews
  • Airbus Pitches Fuel-Saving Formation Flying For Widebodies – AvWeb
  • Nepal Airlines decides to lease out or sell grounded China-made aircraft – AerospaceTech

Business Aviation


  • Coronavirus: history of Silver Airways, Florida’s regional airline – BusinessInsider
  • Southwest Airline passengers applaud when woman is kicked off after mask dispute – FOX
  • Looking back at SAA’s R10.5bn business rescue – was it all worth it? – News24
  • Passengers Flying to Can Use From May – Bloomberg
  • Delta temporarily opens middle seats in response to flight cancelations – CNN

Urban Air Mobility

  • Electric, autonomous, flying car stuns transportation industry – TrafficTechToday
  • In Brazil, an electric flying car by Embraer hints at the future of air-taxi transport – TheWeek

  • Ethiopian Cargo 737 accidentally lands at an under-construction airport in Zambia.Twitter

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