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Commercial Aviation

  • Pipistrel nears of new hydrogen-powered 19-seater – FlightGlobal
  • Latécoère acquires Bombardier’s EWIS business in Querétaro, Mexico – AerospaceTech
  • ASL exercises options on 737-80 freighters – Airways
  • Texas could become nation’s leader in production of hydrogen energy – HoustonChron

Business Aviation

  • American FAs Need 50 Years With The Company To Get A Schedule Out Of PHX- VFTW
  • Alitalia sees opportunity in crisis to relaunch troubled airline – FinancialMail
  • Half of CO2 emissions come from just 6% of flights: the long-haul ones – Aviation24

Urban Air Mobility 

  • World’s first flying car that travels 100mph at altitudes of 10,000ft is cleared for by the FAA – DailyMail

Social Media 

  • KC-390 undergoes extreme cold trials in Alaska Key

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