A Summary of Industry News in Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation, Airlines, Urban Air Mobility, and Social Media

Commercial Aviation

  • What Boeing’s 737 MAX production halt means for airlines – and passengers: Telegraph
  • Boeing’s misplaced strategy on the 737 MAX: The Economist
  • Boeing needs a new flight plan to get back in FAA’s favor: Crain’s Chicago Business
  • As Boeing halts MAX output, can’t build jets fast enough: BNN Bloomberg
  • Angola: Brazil interested in negotiating with Angola on E2 aircraft sale: All Africa

  • Aerion selects GKN for supersonic program: Aviation Week
  • AFRL camber morphine wing takes flight: AFMC



  • Delta enters offtake agreement for 10 million gallons per year of sustainable aviation fuel: Twitter

Urban Air Mobility

  • Calling All Pilots – Manned and Unmanned: FAA will host four webinars beginning next week to explain the new testing system-  FAA News
  • Vahana Completes Flight Testing – eVTOL

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