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Friday’s court ruling that orders American Airlines and JetBlue to unwind their Northeast Alliance within thirty days must have set alarm bells ringing with JetBlue. Although both airlines will lose out, JetBlue seems the most vulnerable. And if the Court ruling is a prerequisite of what the same Massachusetts Court will decide later on the JetBlue-Spirit Airlines acquisition, JetBlue could find itself in serious trouble. NEA court ruling must set alarm bells ringing at JetBlue.

Check out what JetBlue said in February in its 2022 annual report on the court case that what filed by the Department of Justice against the NEA, which was still pending at that moment: “An adverse ruling could adversely impact our ability to achieve the intended benefits of the NEA and could have an adverse impact on our business, financial condition, and results of operations. Additionally, we are incurring costs associated with implementing operational and marketing elements of the NEA, which would not be recoverable if we were required to unwind all or a portion of the NEA.”

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