Yesterday Airbus’ A321neo with the GTF took to the skies.  This is the most complex flight test program underway at present.  Each of the neo aircraft has to test both engine types.   The table below provides an idea of where the program was as of yesterday.


Below is the image Airbus provided of the A321neo with the GTF which did its first flight yesterday.  Only the A319neo still has to enter the flight test program.


Through yesterday, the GTF has accumulated 67% of program flight hours compared to 32% with LEAP.  The GTF has 65% of the flights compared to 35% for LEAP.  The GTF aircraft average 3.9 hours per flight while the LEAP is at 1.1 average hours per flight.

Within aircraft models, the CFM has a 29 day head-start over the GTF on the A321neo.  Yesterday’s A321neo flight with the GTF was over six hours.  On the the GTF has the advantage on being on three aircraft compared to two with LEAP power.  The GTF has accumulated 67.9% of the A320neo flight hours and the LEAP has 32.1%.

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