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FedEx1Boeing’s 767 was introduced on September 8, 1982.  In about five weeks time the 767 program will be 33 years old!  Yet the program just got its biggest order to date.  FedEx ordered 50 and 50 options.  This is an amazing performance.

The 767 has been a successful program, but not as successful as many others as the next chart illustrates.  Like many, we had thought the program eclipsed by the 787 and A330.  The tanker order notwithstanding.

2015-07-22_13-50-33The FedEx order is a strong vote of confidence. Boeing is now speaking of increasing its production to two per month on the back of this order.  That FedEx wants to replace its ancient DC-10s is understandable.  Even those “saved” by being converted to MD10s are ready for a visit to the desert, to the aerospace equivalent of Florida.  The 767F provides FedEx with equal loads at much better economics.  The 767F offers about 30% better fuel efficiency with at least 20% lower unit operating costs while offering MD10 equivalent capacity.

When evaluating the 767’s history we see the 300F, which is what FedEx has ordered, is the second most popular model.2015-07-22_12-58-01To provide a guide as to why the FedEx order is so impressive, take a look at the aircraft’s order history.  It certainly looked like the aircraft was past its prime.  This order is truly old airplane revenge. 2015-07-22_13-03-13The FedEx order no doubt came with excellent pricing and provides Boeing’s tanker program with useful program support.

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