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June 16, 2024
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There are few routes that overlap and lots of reasons for this deal to go through.  The fleet question (717)  is one that has a lot of people asking questions.  In our request for some color from Southwest we got the following “??Once approved, the fleet will be fully Southwest’s with our aircraft in seating arrangement, seat pitch, etc.  We are committed to Row 44 and will utilize their service moving forward.  The experience on board once the two companies combine will be purely Southwest.”  Rather succinct, but then its early days yet.  More details are bound to emerge.


1 thought on “Podcast – We discuss the Southwest/AirTran news

  1. Thanks for responding to my questions. My only point about the 717 was that it offers SW a lesser capability than its 737s which it can use but likely would not otherwise have bought. To me at least this is a significant part of the deal for SW, altho not as important as the Atlanta or the IT system. Its made me wonder whether the 717 as is or re-engined would be a competitor with the CSeries types.

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