Looking at the turboprop market we note that there is a level of domination we have not seen in other markets.  This is not just impressive, is remarkable.  The chart below lists the active airline of turboprops.  The percent number in each year reflects PW&C’s market share.  The company’s dominance of this market amazing.

While there is excitement about the forthcoming GE ATP, take a look at why PW&C dominates.  They have a wide selection of engines to choose from if you’re an OEM.  These engines have been around for many years – still powering that are no longer being manufactured but in service.

Although the is the core engine used by all these OEMs, PW&C has tweaked relentlessly to stay in the game with the best option for any aircraft.   An even more impressive performance is the PW&C PT-6.  But that’s another story.

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