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It was another “Last Bolt” ceremony for P&W today. P&W completed assembly on the first PW1217G engine for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ).  The engine, rated at 17,000 pounds of thrust, is the third PurePower series engine to complete assembly.  It will be delivered to P&W’s West Palm Beach facility for testing. The MRJ “Last Bolt” ceremony was held today at Pratt & Whitney’s Middletown Engine Center in Connecticut.

“Completion of this first engine to test for the PW1200G series is another important milestone for the PurePower engine program,” said Bob Saia, vice president, Next Generation Product Family.  “Ground testing of our first PurePower engine exceeded our expectations, and I predict that testing for this first PW1217G engine will produce similar results.” P&W’s confidence is growing as they accumulate hours on the engines. Target customers are noticing, too.

P&W has performed critical module-level testing for the engine program, including fan drive gear system testing with simulations of over 60,000 takeoffs and landings, plus hundreds of hours of testing on the LP and HP compressor with advanced designs meeting or exceeding efficiency and operational goals.

Check out P&W’s latest video highlighting their achievements to date and a few choice customer quotes.


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