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April 18, 2024
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We have been working on improving our understanding of this new aircraft.  The MC-21 is the second aircraft to emerge from Russia’s UAC after the Superjet.  The Superjet has made a niche for itself in western markets, specifically Europe and Mexico.  This success has encouraged interest in China and Iran.

The MC-21 is a far more ambitious project.  Originally the program was envisaged to have a family of three models.  With a need to replace aging TU-134, TU-154 and YAK-42s, 134 the MC-21 is an aircraft Russia needed.  The family approach was a -100, -200 and -300 with seating from 116 to 174.  The current focus is on the -200 and -300.  A -400 is under consideration while the -100 has been dropped.