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April 12, 2024
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The province of Quebec has come to the rescue of Bombardier, investing $1 billion in cash, while receiving warrants for potential future investment at an attractive price. This investment should provide adequate funding for Bombardier to complete the CSeries and get over the hump in the near term to bring the aircraft to cash flow neutral within 3 years and cash flow positive thereafter.

  • Is the Quebec investment a bailout, or a strategic investment that could pay off well for the Province?

Let’s examine some of the details of the transaction. The basic transaction creates a limited partnership between Quebec and Bombardier for the CSeries program, into which assets, liabilities and obligations will be transferred. The $1 billion investment provides Quebec with a 49.5% equity stake in the CSeries program, leaving 50.5% for Bombardier. This investment will be utilized only for the CSeries program, in which both entities will participate as risk sharing partners. It looks a bit like a hybrid to us – with the upside presenting an opportunity for Quebec.