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One thing is clear from the recent air show – going forward no order can be judged by the deal itself. Every order now has to be seen in a larger context.  An A220 order may look like an Airbus deal, but actually, there’s a Bombardier aspect to it, too.  Similarly, an Embraer order has a Boeing aspect that needs to be considered.

That said, we want to review the huge order made at the show for E-175s by Republic.  Watching our video of the Embraer tour de force order announcements and you will notice how the orders started from small and went to large.  The Republic order was last and there were gasps from the audience.  After all, Republic has a sketchy history.  It was the launch customer for the C Series with an outstanding order for 40 CS300s.   That order, of course, is going nowhere.  Since that order, the airline also went bankrupt.  The media at the order announcement were all going through these items and trying to square the huge order (100+100) with the airline’s past.

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