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December 3, 2023
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Jet Midwest Group announced that it has signed an agreement with Sweden based Täby
Air Maintenance (TAM) to launch an FAA approved full class E cargo conversions for its B model Saab 340’s.  The Saab 340B EASA STC has already been developed by TAM and approved by
EASA and the FAA approval project will be performed at TAM’s maintenance center in Orebro, Sweden.

Kevin Lee, EVP of Jet Midwest, stated “With Saab 340’s history as the best-selling 30 seat turboprop with about half the operating cost of a regional jet, we believe the Saab 340 can offer service in variety of markets, whether large or small. This is proven by the fact that more than 275 Saab 340s are still operational in six continents and thirty countries. Utilizing the existing
cargo door significantly reduces the conversion costs and provides an economical solution to fill a niche between the smaller turboprops and jet freighters.”

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