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Engine makers slightly more positive about supply chain recovery

UPDATE April 26 - Engine makers Pratt & Whitney and GE Aerospace are seeing progress made within the supply chain, with parts production and inventory improving in the first quarter. But overall, the supply chain remains challenging from the performance and cost...

Mature reliability LEAP is key priority for GE Aerospace

Achieving mature durability of the CFM LEAP engine is a key priority for GE Aerospace. The engine is already performing well, but further improvements in reliability will not just drive customer satisfaction but also improve profitability and get the program toward...

GE Q3 Earnings

GE Q3 Earnings

GE’s hybrid-electric system reaches new height

General Electric (GE Aerospace) has reached an important technical milestone with the hybrid-electric power system that is part of its zero emissions roadmap. It successfully ran tests at NASA’s Electric Aircraft Testbed (NEAT) in Sandusky (Ohio) with a 1 MW,...