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This was a fascinating event even if it did not look like one. First, as you have seen from other orders, the customer is there. The MRJ order is by far the largest order at the show by number of airplanes – yet there was no customer present. Clearly the order is a shot in the arm for the MRJ program and its engine supplier. But the missing customer has to say something. Imagine if Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier or Embraer had a customer for 100 of anything. Do you think their customer would be present?

We asked for responses from the competitive OEMs and got two replies so far from Bombardier – “We have an airplane that meets their needs right now ready to deliver. By the way we continue to be in talks with the customer.” Embraer said “The Company believes that nothing changes in other business opportunities in the US market, and has not any further comments.”

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