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March 4, 2024
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Visiting the Pratt & Whitney Customer Center today afforded us an opportunity to look at what is hanging from the roof and see wings from a different angle.  In the following images we show the new aircraft that will be sporting the GTF in future.  Then by way of example we show some other aircraft to proide perspective on how wing layout has evolved.

This is the MRJ wing.  It appears to have the modern long thin design.


Here we have the A320neo wing.  It is essentially an strengthened and updated ceo wing with a sharklet.  Its dimensions look a bit dated compared with the others on display.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
The MC-21 wing is simply gorgeous – long and thin. Noteworthy is the lack of a winglet or some other end of wing device.  Sukhoi’s decision to exclude these devices says something.  In the view of one of the people escorting us, this looks to be the best wing of the models on display.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
Now the E2 wing.  It looks like a modern design – long and thin. The GTF engines look massive on the wing.

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Here we have the CSeries wing.  It too looks long and thin, and therefore more modern.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam
By way of comparison, here is the wing of an A380 and one can see how designs have changed from even quite recently.  This is not long and thin.  But it is an amazing wing, take a look from this aspect.
Here is the A350 wing – a much newer wing from Airbus that follows the long thin pattern we see on some of the other models shown above.
Just to give a fair share to designs, here is the 787 wing. One can see it too has the long thin layout.
Finally here is the wing of the 777-300ER – it also has the long thin layout.

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4 thoughts on “A study in wings

  1. The A380 wing was constrained by span limits. Airbus would have loved to design a “long thin” (high aspect ratio) wing but were limited by span and the required wing area lowered the aspect ratio.

  2. Pictures and comment are not always correctly paired.
    This turns out to be a nice quiz … 😉

  3. Well said. And on top of that, the wing was sized for the stretched version, the yet-to-be-built A380-900.

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