News out today from is that IAC AR, Russian certification authority granted Type Certification to Sukhoi’s Superjet 100.  The certificate is a result of an a certification campaign performed by IAC AR, Certification Centers, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft as the aircraft developer Alenia Aeronautica, which was involved in Noise and HIRF testing.

certificate confirms the compliance of the aircraft with the IAC certification norms airworthiness directives thus opening way to start commercial operation.  Simultaneously the IAC AR, basing on the audit of the aircraft development quality system and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft performance, has taken decision to grant Design Organization Approval certificate to Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company.

This means the SuperJet is officially on its way to commercial EIS, opening competition in the sub-100 seat regional jet market to intensified competition.  There is nothing better than a tight race this segment now has a compelling new option.

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