Pratt & Whitney, MTU Aero Engines, GKN Aerospace, Collins Aerospace, and Airbus are joining forces in a consortium to research and develop a new, sustainable and efficient turbofan engine concept that could become available around the mid-2030s. It’s probably not a coincidence that this timeframe matches that of the introduction of the next generation of airliners. SWITCH engine concept combines new technologies.

The companies work together in the SWITCH program, which stands for Sustainable Water Injection Turbofan Comprising Hybrid-Electrics. Already in September, the project was granted co-funding from the European Union’s Clean Aviation program as part of the ultra-efficient propulsion systems sub-category for short- and medium-haul aircraft. The EU has provided €700 million for twenty Clean Aviation projects. MTU Aero Engines’ Claus Riegler (Senior Vice President Technology & Engineering Advanced Programs) was unwilling to specify how much SWITCH is getting under Clean Aviation Phase 1 (2023-2025). More phases are dependent on the outcome of the initial results.


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