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The LEAP engine from CFM International is progressing in its initial ground testing, and will culminate in engine certification in 2015 and entry into commercial service in 2016.  The first leap engine was fired-up on September 4th, and the engine has now reached full power in ground testing at GE’s Peebes, Ohio outdoor test facility. Continue reading

When Pratt & Whitney acquired Rolls Royce share of International Aero Engines in October, 2011, the two companies agreed to establish a joint venture to develop new engines for the next generation mid-sized aircraft in the 120-230 seat market, examining the GTF technology from PW and the open rotor technology from Rolls Royce.  This week, the parties have mutually ended that joint venture, and each will independently develop engines for that market. Continue reading

The 2013 Paris Air Show has now concluded, and we can reflect on what the activities at the show will mean in the marketplace and the implications for the industry.  While the last two shows, Paris 2011 and Farnborough 2012, were dominated by the narrow-body neo and MAX, respectively, Paris 2013 is the year of the wide body.

The Year of the Wide Body
The Airbus A350XWB flew at the show, only a week after its first flight, providing a signal that the program appears to be on track with its current schedule.  Orders from United for the -1000 model and the anticipated order from Air France-KLM (held up by a dispute with Rolls Royce, which wanted power by the hour maintenance for all engines on the program) moved the program backlog forward.  Things look on-track for successful EIS next year.

Boeing launched the 787-10, as expected, and gained several… Continue reading

Looking ahead at this time of year, there are several key events and stories that we know will occur in 2013.  In this post, we’ll comment about them, along with our prognostication on how we expect they might turn out.

American-US Airways merger
An announcement is expected in January on the potential merger between American and USAirways.  We expect this to occur, with the superior management team from USAirways taking control of the larger airline.  This would be a plus for oneworld, and hopefully eliminate the “attitude of arrogance” that has surrounded American that enabled them to ignore economic realities and kick the inevitable Chapter 11 bankruptcy can down the road a few years too far.

First Flights of New Aircraft
The Bombardier CSeries and Airbus A350 are due for first flights this year.  The CSeries will bring a new level of efficiency to the narrow-body world, and in their… Continue reading

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