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Last Thursday, a Pratt & Whitney PW1500 geared turbofan engine had a major failure that was partially contained. The engine failure damaged the engine nacelle and fuselage of the CSeries test aircraft FTV1, with no apparent damage to the wing nor any fuel leaks.  The engine, the oldest engine in service in the Bombardier fleet, was undergoing routine ground maintenance testing at the time, with both engines on the airframe, which was held in a static position, running.  Bombardier has suspended its flight test program pending the results of an investigation of why the engine failed by Pratt & Whitney. Continue reading

Reuters reported today that Rolls-Royce announced two new engines; the “Advance” which is expected to be 6% more fuel efficient than the Trent XWB (Rolls’ latest engine) and the “UltaFan” which is expected to be 10% more fuel efficient than the Trent XWB. Continue reading

The LEAP engine from CFM International is progressing in its initial ground testing, and will culminate in engine certification in 2015 and entry into commercial service in 2016.  The first leap engine was fired-up on September 4th, and the engine has now reached full power in ground testing at GE’s Peebes, Ohio outdoor test facility. Continue reading

When Pratt & Whitney acquired Rolls Royce share of International Aero Engines in October, 2011, the two companies agreed to establish a joint venture to develop new engines for the next generation mid-sized aircraft in the 120-230 seat market, examining the GTF technology from PW and the open rotor technology from Rolls Royce.  This week, the parties have mutually ended that joint venture, and each will independently develop engines for that market. Continue reading

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