At VBACE, NBAA’s virtual convention and show for 2020, introduced the King Air 260, an upgrade to the prior model. Much like the King Air 360, the new model incorporates the same new technologies, including IS&S Thrust Sense autothrottle, a digital pressurization system, Collins Multi-Scan RTA-4112 weather radar, and the newly designed passemger seats used on the 360 model that recently entered service.

“We are bringing the latest technological advancements to the King Air 260 cockpit that not only bring greater ease of operation for pilots, they bring a whole new of flying for this renowned aircraft, said Rob School, Senior VP of Sales and Flight Operations for Textron Aviation.

Textron also announced that it has obtained STCs for the IS&S for ProLine Fusion avionics equipped King Air 200s and will soon obtain approval for Pro Line 21 equipped series aircraft.

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