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AirInsight conducted a short survey among industry executives to get their impressions of the Bombardier C Series after it’s recent debut at the Paris Air Show. Because this was the only new aircraft exhibited at the show, it was the obvious choice as a survey topic.   The results have been most interesting.

The chart below shows a tremendous impact that seeing the airplane in person had on industry participants, particularly airlines and leasing companies. The number of customers who had very favorable ratings for the aircraft jumped from 41% pre-show to 73% post-show. The people who buy or finance commercial aircraft walked away from the Paris show with a distinctly improved impression of the C Series.

2015-07-28_9-34-02Examining the results by the type of company respondents worked for showed that the positive upswing in opinion of the aircraft was across the board. The following chart illustrates reactions from the different industry segments.

2015-07-28_9-40-02While our sample was small, it was statistically significant, as the world’s airline and financiers is not a large population. Our respondents are telling a story that flies in the face of the negativity we hear surrounding Bombardier. The C Series clearly had an impact at Paris. Our judgment is that part of the change in attitude resulted from seeing the aircraft live, apart from the lack of noise from the aircraft during the flying display (it will be the quietest jet in operation when it enters service), and in part resulting from Bombardier’s disclosure that the aircraft was “beating the brochure” in performance.

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