Airbus is reportedly working furiously on plans to re-engine single aisle family planes.  As we looked at the family, we pondered how this might unfold – after all risky and cash is tight.  Very tight.

Moreover, nothing in the industry happens in a vacuum.  Any move by Airbus will elicit a response from you-know-who.  So what is the best move for Airbus?  The move they need to make to be smart for them obviously, but also is best if made in such a way that is hard for Boeing.  That is a real win.

In considering this we came up with an idea that perhaps the best move for Airbus is to re-engine with a P&W geared fan engine on the A321.  This means the latest engine ready soonest.  also means making the move where Boeing no easy response.  There is no 757 and no 787-3.  The 737-900ER would be eclipsed.

We linked what we think the numbers might look like.  You can argue with our assumptions used in this document (A321G), but we think a A321G (as we call it) makes a compelling case.

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