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Airbus is reportedly working furiously on plans to re-engine its single aisle family planes.  As we looked at the A320 family, we pondered how this strategy might unfold – after all its risky and cash is tight.  Very tight.

Moreover, nothing in the industry happens in a vacuum.  Any move by Airbus will elicit a response from you-know-who.  So what is the best move for Airbus?  The move they need to make has to be smart for them obviously, but also is best if made in such a way that it is hard for Boeing.  That is a real win.

In considering this we came up with an idea that perhaps the best move for Airbus is to re-engine with a P&W geared fan engine on the A321.  This means the latest engine ready soonest.  It also means making the move where Boeing has no easy response.  There is no 757 and no 787-3.  The 737-900ER would be eclipsed.

We linked what we think the numbers might look like.  You can argue with our assumptions used in this document (A321G), but we think a A321G (as we call it) makes a compelling case.

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